Flashback Pop Quiz Championship 2020

The Flashback Pop Quiz Championship was on November 28th at the OS Brew Pub in Baker, presented by our amazing sponsors:  Direct Electric, Spiffy’s, Spirits Plus, Baker Body Shop, Blue Rock Distributing and, of course, Baker Furniture, Dakota Community Bank, and CENEX Farmer’s Union.  They helped us put together some fun prizes and put on a great show for all of our championship contenders!

The Original Final 2020 standings (total Flashback Pop Quiz wins):

Missy Tvedt: 34
Isis Keltner: 29
Brian Davis: 24
Dan Legasse: 15
Mike Schneider: 14
Jay Hestekin: 12
Tony Desroscher: 10
Brandon Micheletto: 10
Lunch Ladies: 7
Cheryl Niemurg: 7
Josh Schwartz: 6*
Johnny Bagodonuts: 6*
Kelly Smith: 6
Daniel McClure (Plevna): 5
Brenda Stoddard: 4
Charlie McKenzie: 4
Tannen Dukart: 4
Jason Haar: 4
Carol Bettenhausen: 4
Camron Espinosa: 3
Brad Kalevig: 3
Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it but here is a list of everyone who was there and a few that stood in for our missing contestants:
Round 1
Jeff Smyle, Brian Davis, Daniel McClure, Mike Schneider, Missy Tvedt, Cherly Niemerg, Jay Hestekin, Josh Schwartz, Kelsea Desrocher, Tony Desrocher, Heather Schwindt, Johnny Bagodonuts, Anagela Storlie, Sonya Davis, Brad Braden, and Jarett Hestekin.
Round 2
Brian Davis, Josh Schwartz, Johnny Bagodonuts, Mike Schneider, Daniel McClure, Brad Braden, Missy Tvedt and Tony Desrocher.
Jrian Davis, Mike Schneider, Brad Braden, Josh Schwartz, and Johnny Bagodonuts
Final Round
Brad Braden and Johnny Bagodonuts
Congratulations to everyone and this year’s Champion…Johnny Bagodonuts (Rick Schell)!
It was a fun evening with laughter, great prizes, and a lot of fun.