Mastodon release their new track, ‘Sickle And Peace’

Mastodon have shared another new song titled ‘Sickle And Peace,’ a follow up to their single released earlier this month titled “Teardrinker.”  The track – which features vocals from album engineer Tom Tapley’s daughter – is taking from the band’s upcoming ninth full-length, Hushed And Grim, which is due out on October 29 via Reprise Records.

Bassist Troy Sanders says: ​“Mastodon feels as much like home now as ever. We’re not phoning it in, or releasing something obligatory. ‘Hushed And Grim’ was our most collaborative effort to date. There’s no one songwriter or lyricist. We’re all contributing, all writing, all committed to taking a risk. That exemplifies the term ​‘band’. 17 years ago, we took a risk writing an album about Moby Dick. Now we’re taking a risk with a double-album. If it feels right, we do it.”

Listen to Sickle And Peace at the link – here.

Editorial credit: Brandon Nagy /