Northern Gardening Tips

Introducing “Northern Gardening Tips”! 🌱🌿
Are you a newcomer to Montana or a native struggling with gardening in our rugged climate? Look no further! “Northern Gardening Tips” is here to provide you with expert advice and no-nonsense tips to help you conquer your gardening challenges.
From selecting shrubs that can withstand Eastern Montana winters to growing vegetables at higher elevations or dealing with saline soils on the hi-line, this show is dedicated to helping Montanans overcome their horticultural hurdles.
Join us weekdays at approximately 4:45 pm for “Northern Gardening Tips” hosted by Cheryl Moore-Gough, a Horticulture Specialist from Montana State University. With years of experience responding to gardening hotline calls and emails, Cheryl has helped countless gardeners across the state. She also brings her expertise from working at MSU’s Schutter Diagnostic Lab, where she shed light on various plant maladies.
Tune in to KFLN every Monday through Friday for valuable gardening insights and practical advice. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your gardening skills and make the most of Montana’s unique gardening conditions.  Brought to you by The Classy Cactus and Theiland Ranch. 🌸🌼🌺