Fallon County 2020 Census

Fill out your form today at my2020census.gov, by phone at 1-844-330-2020.

Missing only one resident means that a community misses $20,000 of its fair share of federal funding over the next decade.

Fallon County’s self-response rate is 29.4%, which ranks it 55th out of 56 counties, second to last, with only Big Horn County having a lower response rate.

If rural areas are undercounted, that means that there are less rural representatives – in the legislature and in Congress.

If Montana residents don’t respond to the Census, then we end up with an undercount. And an undercount means other states with a more complete count will end up getting some of our fair share of federal funding.

It also means our state’s voting districts are misaligned, potentially shifting power from Eastern Montana to the West, and Montanans don’t have accurate data for making important business, community, and governing decisions. Don’t let Missoula make decisions for Fallon County!

An inaccurate Census count doesn’t just hurt us short-term – it hurts for the next 10 years! We don’t want that to happen!