Covid Taskforce 06-17
It’s Wednesday George talks to Kim and Dale! Going over the precautions to take with cases in Miles City.  With talk about testing on...Read More
Covid Taskforce 06 10
It’s Wednesday George talks to Dale and Kim about the pipeline and all test results that came in. Touching the subject of what’s going...Read More
Covid Taskforce 06 03
George goes over stage 2 with Kim and Dale. Hear what the plans are for the Highschool Rodeo and the Keystone Pipeline. Wednesday mornings...Read More
Covid Taskforce 05 27
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Covid Taskforce 05-13
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COVID Taskforce 05/06
Join Geroge, Kim, and Dale in the discussion of what is going on. Listen to who’s opening back up what the school is doing...Read More
COVID Taskforce 04/22
Today George got to sit down with the COVID Taskforce again today! Kim, Dale, and Dr. Espeland talk about the most recent test results...Read More