Marmarth Post Office Update


A representative of the United States Postal Service Strategic Communications division responded to our inquiries about the story we posted last Thursday, September 21st, on the closure of the Marmarth Post Office.

“The operator at the leased facility at 75 1st Street West, Marmarth, ND 58643, terminated their agreement,” Desai Abdul-Razzaaq said in an email response. “Please note that customers may obtain full retail services at the Rhame Post Office located at 53 Main Street, Rhame, ND, which is approximately 14.6 miles from the Marmarth facility.”

The email continued that the Postal Service is planning on installing a new “Cluster Box Unit” (CBU), also called a “community mailbox”, to service Marmarth. For more information on CBU’s, you can visit this provided link