Rockets fly over Baker Lake!


6th Grade students from Longfellow School in Baker headed to the Baker Lake this morning to launch their homemade rockets.  The students built their rockets from cardboard and painted their own creative design on each rocket.  The rockets were sent flying high with the help of baby powder and small engines.  Mrs. Johnson and Miss Wacker helped their students with the science project, along with parent volunteers.  Unfortunately a few of the rockets ended up in Baker Lake. KFLN’s, Blake Matheson was called in to rescue them, however, by the time he arrived with his rowboat, the rockets had fallen prey to the water’s of Baker Lake and sank.    In spite of the mishap, the students had a successful rocket launch and prevented anymore rockets from ending up in Baker Lake.  Officer Nevers with the Baker Police Department was also on hand to make sure everyone stayed safe.    

Baker Rockets